lauantai 13. joulukuuta 2014

Modern cavemen are taking over the world – From Paleo diet in to a lifestyle

First of all, what is the Paleo diet?


The word ”Paleo” refers to Paleolithic time period which dates back to 700000 years B.C. By this time the human race started to use fire and tools. This time period ended up when the agriculture was born and people started to grow grain and to use dairy products. Until the invention of agriculture, the people were depending on what they found in the forests. For example people lived with meat, fish and birds together with berries and other nature’s treats. Human’s genetics have stayed the same from this time period thus the Paleo diet is the Native diet for human. We are basically programmed for the Paleo diet.  
In Paleo diet you are choosing locally produced food such as seasonal veggies and wild meat and avoiding the opposite. The avoidable ingredients include industrially processed and non-natural items. The food can be cooked in many ways such as boiling and frying or it can be eaten raw. The Paleo diet rests on generous amounts of proteins and fat. It contains less carbohydrates than the normal diet because it doesn’t contain sugar-rich content nor does it include grain such as bread or pizza. Modern human is getting far too much carbohydrates with the current fast food –style diet than it did with the Paleo diet. It also contains more nutrients than the diets depending on processed foods. Paleo has lots of nutrients because it doesn’t involve the industrial processing which mostly removes the nutrients. The more nutrients you get, the healthier you’ll be in general.
One of the most well-known diet scientists, the Founder of the Paleo movement Dr. Loren Cordain has stated that five scientifically proven recent studies have pointed out the Paleo diet to be far superior compared to Mediterranean diet or to typical western diet in terms of losing weight and prevention of diabetes and heart diseases. 
The Modern Human

One of the major reasons for taking up the Paleo is weight control and loss. As Paleo diet plan contains natural, non-processed ingredients only, there is no sugar or grains to ruin you. Of course human has always gotten carbohydrates but the amounts have been noticeably smaller. It’s good to acknowledge the fact that human is nondependent on carbohydrates. When carbohydrates are unavailable, the human body generates its own sugars from fat. What distinguishes the Paleo diet from generic low-carb diets is that the Paleo diet doesn’t mainly focus on reducing carbohydrates but to prefer unprocessed and natural food. 


What to expect?


First of all it is a change of diet, it is not a magic diet. With a magic diets there is always the waiting behind all of it as you don’t really like the diet and how it makes you feel. It is not psychologically rational to make up tough goals for yourself and to punish yourself for not making them. With the Paleo diet the change can be permanent as there are no hard goals to stretch to. No-one expects you to
count calories or grieve about the bread you ate. You just need to decide that you won’t buy any bread or sugar while on the grocery store. You will quickly get used to that and you won’t miss them as you realize that they weren’t really good for you.


How to?


The change of diet can be done in many ways. For some the sudden change is the way to go, while others prefer a slow change where you implement the Paleo diet in small increments. I personally prefer the sudden change when you fully change to Paleo from day one. By doing this, you will notice more clearly the effects that the Paleo brings to your health and wellbeing. When you see how it works, you will be able to modify it to suit your own needs. “See how you look, feel and perform” is the phrase that sums it up. When I did the change to Paleo, the changes in my wellbeing and how I felt about myself were drastic. There was no doubt that it was the Paleo diet that made me feel better and more energetic. For me the hardest part was to find the suitable recipes and foods to complete the richest possible Paleo diet. There aren’t really that many good recipes and guides online but I managed to find one cookbook that had everything correct. It totally matched the whole idea of Paleo diet while still keeping the food enjoyable. It even came with an 8 week meal plan which was I mean really diversified. It transformed my idea of Paleo diet being boring in to it being the best diet known to man. Check it out, it even has a 60-days no questions asked money back warranty if you somehow don’t like Paleo. Nevertheless I think that you have no need for that as the book is the ultimate tool to use when discovering the world of Paleo.